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don't let them hear ; jongtae ; nc-17

basically pwp so NC-17 holla
jongtae + minho
wc ; 1666 words (holy fuck i'm a pussy when it comes to this kinda shit ;A;)

Jonghyun and Minho loved to make deals.


The only light in the room was coming from the small but bright torch that Minho was trying to balance as he held the camera; he desperately needed to complain about it to Jonghyun but he knew it would be him under the built man's control if he uttered a single word.

“Shh,” Jonghyun cooed as he pinned Taemin onto the wall, one hand palming the front of the other's jeans mercilessly. Jonghyun's stubby fingers were stuffed in his mouth too—mainly to get it coated but it also seemed to keep Taemin's frantic moaning at bay. “Shh, baby, it'll be okay.”

Minho knew the youngster was drunk as drunk can be from the way he held himself and even from how he whimpered excessively with pleasure. He focused the light on Jonghyun's hands, which dug into Taemin's boxers, fumbling about to get a good grip on the cock that was trapped in there.

The deal between the two buddies was to make the least noise possible.

When Taemin unexpectedly pulled his mouth away from Jonghyun's fingers, he let out a loud, shaky groan that would probably wake the dead. It didn't surprise Minho though—he knew that the boy needed to let all his sexual frustrations out at full volume. It seemed to improve the atmosphere as it added more lust and it also made the straining in Minho's pants get tighter, but for Jonghyun, that short bastard, he remained silent and continued to film.

Jonghyun was set to make sure he gave the maximum amount of teasing and pleasure while controlling Taemin's volume. But it wasn't going so well.

“More,” he heard Taemin breathe, and as he focused the light on their faces, the camera caught his eyes that were glazed with arousal.

Jonghyun sniggered and started to literally bite onto the pale flesh of Taemin's neck, sucking as he made his way to the jawline. Minho smirked, the torch now illuminating the erotic look that was painted on Taemin's face, eyebrows twisted together, mouth open just a little too wide for Minho' liking, but it seemed to encourage Jonghyun to continue his little game as the biting got noticeably harder. Taemin jutted out his hips to grind it against the older man but Jonghyun moved backwards before they could meet, a tsk of disapproval left his lips as he nipped at Taemin's ear.

“A little desperate, aren't you?” Jonghyun's right hand grabbed onto Taemin's neck to shove him backwards onto the wall so hard that Minho had to choke down a squeak. He took a step back so the light could be spread. Taemin was struggling under the pressure of the hand—he was clearly in frustration yet still he was thrilled by the touches—but Jonghyun only tilted his head back and examined the boy as his tongue darted out to lick his lips, his free hand travelled down to his own pants to undo the zip.

Minho flushed as he felt a sudden twitch in his pants, slightly turned on by how hot Jonghyun was acting. Even though they hadn't done anything with each other before, he always seemed to get excited while watching him at work. The camera shook as he tried to regain himself.

Taemin seemed to have said something inaudible to the camera's mic, because Jonghyun stopped moving to look at the boy. Jonghyun had a smug look on, so evil and lusty and filled with domination. “Say that again, so they can hear.”

“F-” Taemin's voice faded away before he could get past that and the other two realise that he was trembling slightly. His hands curled around the top of Jonghyun's boxers that were peeping out of his jeans and tugged harshly; it was a bad attempt at getting it off though because Jonghyun only stepped back in surprise.

“Fuck me,” Taemin moaned, irritated that he had to say it three times, voice laced with something of drunk desperation and it only made Jonghyun's smirk grow wider. He was in love with this whole moment.

“I'd fuck your brains out if you weren't so cute.”

“I'm not cute,” Taemin managed to slur as his body slumpped; Jonghyun acting as his only support. Minho understood what that meant and he cursed Jonghyun in his mind for making him be the camera man this time. It seemed that he always got the willing ones, and he hated him silently for that.

Jonghyun's so turned on, he's so turned on he groans and grunts by himself and went back to devouring the boy's neck, harder this time, clearly pumped by the fact that this kid was so fucking easy. His hands easily got rid of Taemin's pants and boxers. He switched their position to the opposite wall, slamming the kid against it (again), and pressed their lips together in a messy kiss.

Minho stepped closer, closer, closer until the camera only captured their mouths. They kissed for quite a while, making sounds as their tongues fought with one another. Minho felt a hand lightly punch him in his sensitive groin and realised that Jonghyun wanted him to back away again. He scoffed softly and does so, Jonghyun immediately shifting the gears.

He broke away from the kiss so unexpectedly that Taemin's lips were still puckered out and open and twisted the boy around so that he faced the wall. Taemin wiggled his hips so subtly that Jonghyun doesn't realise, but when he did, he pressed his aching cock against Taemin's bare bottom and the wiggling became stronger.

Moans vibrated through Taemin even though he was hardly being touched and Jonghyun shut him up by covering his whole mouth with his hand. He stepped closer to Taemin to close the gap that's between him and the wall, squashing Taemin's cock in addition, almost too painful for the pleasure to conceal it, almost.

Minho's eyes become unfocused for a while as they watched the appearance of Jonghyun's thick cock. His hands felt weak, the camera suddenly weighing more.

Jonghyun growled, taking both of Taemin's hands and locking them behind his arching back with one hand. He spit unattractively onto his free one because Taemin's saliva was already drying off and coated his throbbing cock. It wasn't enough to lubricate it but Jonghyun really didn't give a care if he broke the skin of this kid. All he wanted was something excessively tight and hot and deep for him to fuck.

“You asked for it,” he said throatily, and managed to spread Taemin's legs by kicking them apart while positioning his cock in between the cheeks of Taemin's ass.

Minho could hear dirty comments rush past Jonghyun's lips as he kissed and licked and sucked on the sweaty skin of Taemin's neck and he stood rooted on the spot; it was the right position, the bright light making most of Taemin's frame visible, with only a more or less good view of Jonghyun.

Being distracted and relaxed by all the nothingness that Jonghyun was murmuring against his skin, Taemin was seriously taken aback by the sudden thrust of Jonghyun's hips as his cock slid in painfully. The both of them cried out together, Taemin wild but muffled and Jonghyun low and long but controlled. The latter needed to gather himself and heave out a sigh before he recovered from the overwhelming pressure surrounding his prick and started to shift and adjust so he felt comfortable. Again, Taemin wasn't a matter to him so the writhing and whining coming from the boy was unheard to his ears.

When Jonghyun started to move, Minho already knew that it would end pretty quickly. He stood beside his friend now, the camera angling in a way that it focused mainly on Jonghyun's cock sliding in and out, the pace quickening after every slide out. The whimpers that Taemin let out, drowned out by Jonghyun's hand, were heavy and long. The drunker being was surprisingly good at matching his backwards thrusts with Jonghyun's and Minho seethed deeper in his jealousy that it wasn't him that was doing the fucking.

“Fuck,” Jonghyun grunted, “don't fucking bite my hand.”

Taemin moaned in response, unable to form words as the hand is removed from his mouth and he feels himself pound against the wall with every push. He twisted his head so that it was the side of his face that got the bruising and bites down on his lip as he feels his gland tingle with a pleasurable pain.

Taemin let out a breathless cry as Jonghyun shifted his weight onto one foot, and the latter dwelled in pleasure as he found the spot. He continued, at an unforgiving pace, pounding into the helpless boy to stimulate the sensitive spot.

“Ha-harder,” Taemin was able to practically scream. The challenge that the two friends agreed on was already forgotten, Jonghyun lost from the pleasure and Minho too focused on keeping his hands on the camera; it was hard to not touch himself at such times. “There, yes. Could you p-please go f-f-faster. Good God, yes that is—fuck. Fuck.”

From the way Taemin was responding,with the moans and the begs and the way he clenched around his shaft, Jonghyun knew his climax was approaching. His guts tightened and as he started to ram harder, he let out low huffs of air.

Then Taemin lost it and he was overdoing it with his uncontrollable sounds as he reached his orgasm. Jonghyun was pleased with this,though it was a little fast for his usual liking, and he too rode out his spasms of pleasure.

The front of Minho's pants were a little damp. He stopped recording.

“And now you owe me money because you didn't even try to stay silent.”

Jonghyun had a victorious smile plastered on his face; he pulled out of the weak, exhausted boy and turned him around to give him a kiss before replying:

“Would you like to make another deal?”
Tags: one-shot, pairing: jonghyun/minho, pairing: jonghyun/taemin, rating: nc-17, smut

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